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I grew up in the Canal Zone of Panama where I was surrounded by animals and wildlife. In my younger years my grandmother and my mother shared their love of animals with me. My mother had a revolving door of toy poodles, while my grandmother enjoyed the creatures indigenous to Panama. My back yard was the jungle and my grandmother tamed many parrots, parakeets, and monkeys. From a young age I learned how important it was to take good care of your pets for a long and happy life.
I came to San Diego to study Business Administration at The University of San Diego. During that time I volunteered at the Humane Society and various dog rescue groups. My time was spent wisely learning different animal behaviors and how to properly care for them.
Armed with this knowledge I joined Alexa at Sniff Pet Care where I became partner and head pack leader. My passion for pets continues on a level of learning what our furry creatures are trying to tell us and how we can communicate with them to build a relationship and ultimately bond.

My entire life has revolved around animal love and welfare. My parents had 5 dogs when I was born, and my first word was "dog". I spent my younger life riding horses and learning how to care for livestock. From an early age, I trained yearlings, including saddle breaking and show training.  I volunteered with, and then worked for, veterinarians that cared for both large and small animals.
I received my Phd from UC Davis in Animal Science and Behavior. While at Davis, I was a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. Upon my graduation, they recruited me to come work for them.  When a job opportunity for Scripps Research Institute brought me to San Diego, I volunteered for rescue groups, which in turn lead me to a position at San Diego Humane Society. I was fortunate to be able to pilot their foster program, which continues today.
My genuine passion is helping people and their pets form the human-animal bond. As those of us with pets know, words can not describe this magical relationship. I have seen for myself and watched others form this bond; each time I know I experienced a miracle. I tell people my own pets’ and my clients’ pets teach me at least one new thing a day, I just have to stop and listen t. The better we learn our pet’s language the better we will succeed in giving them the best life possible.