Simplicity in pet care.  Sniff Pet Care is a unique petsitting company. At Sniff we specialize in caring for dogs with separation anxiety or pets that get nervous in new environments. Our pet sitting services are designed for dogs who prefer cozy couches to packs of running dogs and snuggly beds instead of small cages. To ensure you dog get all the tender, loving care they deserve, we limit our numbers to a maximum of three dogs.  

Sniff Pet Care is a paw print away from either beach or bayside boardwalk. Our home provides the perfect place for your companion to spend the day. We shower your pet with love. There are cozy chairs in which to cuddle, and twice-daily beach walks for dogs. Your pet can spend the day or stay snug overnight with the constant company of human companionship and the ocean breeze.We are located 2 miles from the airport and less than a mile from Sea World.

dog boarding kennels san diego / sniff pet careWhen you’re away let your pet spend quality time with us in our cozy home. Experience safe, hassle-free at-home overnight care for your pet. .

catsittinbuttonblueWhile you're away let us visit your cat or small pet to make sure they have all the food, water and company they need. With our 30-minute pet visits your pet will receive the care, love and attention they crave and deserve!.


Every dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Let us walk and play with your dog to help them live to their fullest!


doggydaycarebuttonblueWe offer special services for special pets! From puppy to senior pet care, we've got your tail covered.


An important component of our classes is teaching you how to communicate with and train your dog. We limit the size of our group classes, guaranteeing that you and your dog receive plenty of individual attention


dogadventuresbuttonblue Let Sniff Pet Care take the worry out of your day; no more chewed up molding, peed on floors or angry neighbors. Sniff will pick your dog up, make them dog-tired; you come home to happy dog, and happy neighbors.


Have a pet with special needs? We have you covered! We are trained at giving many forms of medical care including insulin injections, fluids, oral, optical and topical medications. Have a medical need that isn't listed here? Just contact us.

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