About Us

Sniff Pet Care was founded in 1996 by Alexa Diaz. We offer pet owners the vital service of providing dog and cat owners with an alternative besides the loud, metal and often scary experience of the traditional boarding. Your pets can be relaxed and loved along with food and shelter. One of the keys to a pet’s longevity is reducing stressful situations whenever possible. When your pet stays with us, they have everything they need to be healthy, happy, and relaxed.
We believe that reducing stress is different for every pet, so we cater our care to what your pet needs.
This starts with our soft, quiet home environment. We have chairs and couches, not steel doors and cement floors. Your pet can lounge or play and all the while they will be in the presence of a watchful human. We offer an environment and daily routine similar to the one your pets have at home.
Sniff Pet Care is proud to be a part of a new movement of pet professionals, trainers, and researchers who are re-visioning pet health as emotional as well as physical. Educating pet owners on how to reduce stress in their pet’s life is an important goal of ours.



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