Cat Care

Cat care is our specialty. In my book, having 5 cats ourselves makes us cats lovers. We understand cats are extremely sensitive creatures. The kind of love they give is truly one-of-a-kind. As only a true cat lover understands, we will go to great lengths to facilitate our sweet kitties' happiness, especially when the guilt of leaving them behind kicks in!
Although we know (and they won’t let us forget!) that leaving them is unforgivable, it can also be unavoidable....and that is where we come in.
We don’t just listen and nod “yes” to your special request of “Syd likes his food warmed for exactly 4 seconds”. We actually follow through on doing just as you ask. To us this is not an extra chore, but a pleasure. We started this business to take the stress out of pet care as much as possible, and this includes “doing it just like you do”.
Our basic routine is below; you fill in the blanks as your kitty(s) needs.
Daily Visit $20  -30 minute visit
Clean water bowl and refresh water
Playtime needs
Thorough cleaning of litter box, including disposing of waste outside your home
Non-pet duties include:
trash day take out
Daily photo updates emailed to you are part of all our services

cat care

cat pet sitting