Doggy Daycare

$30 1st Dog
$20 2nd Dog

Sometimes a midday stop in for a walk is just not enough for our restless furry friends. When these situations arise; doggy daycare offers a perfect solution.
Doggy daycare mixes up your dog’s dull, lonely days to bring variety, fun, and it offers them an opportunity to socialize in a small, safe, always monitored soft environment. There are plenty of couches & dog beds so your pooch can play or have their own space to sleep peacefully.
Doggy daycare includes a 30 min. midday walk.
You may request any extra feedings, treats or other special needs your pet may have at no extra charge. Most importantly while in our home; your pet will have the luxury of human companionship at all times for that much need tummy rub or ear massage, or simply a reassuring presence.
Pick-up & Drop-off are included in this service
Daily photo updates emailed to you are part of all our services


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